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Today, 3:10 pm
Posted by ewannepean
" — A Authentic founder; was obsessed with, stalked, and cyber-bullied Alison till her disappearance; stalked and cyber-bullied Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna. Became "A" to get revenge on Alison for bullying her, which eventually became an obsession with the opposite 4 women. Original "A" Nickname: Three rats (previously four) named Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer Employer: - Is aware of about "That Night time" (revealed to the girls) - Took orders from Big "A"/Crimson Coat (uncovered) - Helped the Liars by giving them Maya's web site (exposed to the Liars and Caleb; possibly unknown to Massive "A") Status: Alive Lucas was blackmailed by Mona to be her helper as "A".

Relationships Employer: - Was Mona's helper as "A" (uncovered) - Trashed Ali's memorial (uncovered to Hanna) - Lost Caleb's money in of venture (exposed to Caleb and Hanna) - Was strolling alone in the midst of the night across the time "A" made Emily dug up Alison's grave - Was visting Mona at Radley Sanitarium - Being blackmailed into working for Mona (exposed to Hanna) - Set fireplace to the school's shed (uncovered to Hanna) - Gave Emily a therapeutic massage as "A" (uncovered to the Liars by Mona) Status: Alive Toby joined the A-Team to protect Spencer.

He was recruited by Mona and Pink Coat when he acquired his "job" in Bucks County. Relationships Employer: - Tried to run over Lucas Gottesman with his SUV - Damage Hanna at her "interview" Joined the "A-Workforce" to protect Spencer (uncovered) Status: Alive Spencer joined the A-Crew searching for solutions concerning her seemingly deceased boyfriend Toby. Relationships Employer: - Joined the A-Staff to hunt answers on Toby (uncovered) - Kidnapped Malcolm Cutler from his karate classes (exposed to the Liars) - Is a double agent (uncovered) Status: Alive He was tasked to be the "Queen of Hearts" together with Melissa.

However, he acted on his personal sometimes too. RPD Police Officer (formerly) - Murdered Garrett Reynolds (uncovered) Status: Deceased Melissa was as soon as blackmailed by Mona (when she was "A") to put on the Black Swan costume and distract the Liars. She was later on blackmailed by Wilden to be the second Queen of Hearts. Secret(s): - She was blackmailed by Mona to put on the Black Swan costume (uncovered) - Lied about shedding her child in June (uncovered) - She was the second Queen of Hearts (uncovered to the Liars) - Drugged Aria Mental dysfunction; told Mona she would play the game together with her in trade for the Liars' secrets and techniques.

She later stole the game from Mona. Massive "A" Hair Coloration: Nickname: - Was in Radley most of her life (uncovered) - Is a transgender girl (uncovered) - Witnessed Bethany Younger murder Marion Cavanaugh and was blamed for it (uncovered) - Bludgeoned Alison with a rock the night time she died (uncovered) - Visited Mona in Radley (exposed) - Was Huge "A" (uncovered) - Knew Alison was nonetheless alive (uncovered) Dylan Garza (pre-teen) Wyatt Hodge (little one) Whereas her intentions are unknown, Sara helped assist Charlotte as "A" and was a decoy Purple Coat.

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